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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to go into a Flight Centre store to set-up my Account?

When you come in, you will be issued with your Wedding Travel Account card, along with a secure username and password to access your account online. Our expert consultants can also help you to start planning your romantic honeymoon.

How do I tell my family and friends about the Wedding Travel Account?

When you come in to activate your account, we'll also give you complimentary wedding registry cards to include within your wedding invitations.

How do my friends and family contribute to our Account?

Your guests just need visit any Flight Centre store within New Zealand and quote your wedding party name and date. We'll provide your guest with a gift certificate for you which details their contribution. Their gift contribution will be credited to your Wedding Travel Account automatically and can be viewed via your online account.

Why do I need to pay a deposit to open the account?

The deposit is used to confirm your honeymoon travel arrangements. In this way it works just liking booking any other kind of travel. Then your guests help you pay it off.

Do I need to use the account to pay for my honeymoon or can I use it for other travel?

You can use the funds in the account for whatever travel you wish. It doesn't have to be used for your honeymoon. You can use it for an anniversary holiday, a special weekend or anything else.

What if one of my guests can't make it into a Flight Centre store? Can they pay online or by phone?

Your guests can contribute to your Account over the phone and pay using a credit card. They'll need to quote your wedding name and date. However, this means they won't receive a gift certificate to give you. Unfortunately payment online are not available.

Can my guests contribute at any time?

Based on when you wish to take your honeymoon, your Flight Centre consultant will recommend a close date for contributions. This close date will be detailed on your wedding registry cards so your guests know when the last contribution date is.

Payment of your honeymoon is required in full prior to travelling; therefore your account will have a close date for accepting contribution that count towards funding the cost of your honeymoon.

Is there a minimum gift contribution amount?

Yes, the minimum contribution is $25, above that figure your guests can choose any amount.

Does the Account expire if I don't use the money in there all at once?

We realise that you might not use all the money in the Account for your honeymoon, so you have 24 months from the day you open the Account in which to use it.

Can I exchange the money in the Wedding Travel Account for cash?

Sorry, no. The balance of your Wedding Travel Account can be used for all kinds of travel, including flights, hotels, activities, tours and insurance at your Flight Centre store.

Can I book travel at any Flight Centre shop?

Sorry, no. You can only make your bookings at the Flight Centre shop where you registered your account. You will have a dedicated travel consultant assist you with your honeymoon options and bookings.

Your guests however can make contributions at any Flight Centre store within New Zealand.